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University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) is moving along with its goal of providing lactation supports across campus. Lily Fountain, RN, MS, CNM, and Assistant Professor for the School of Nursing, is a member of the Board of the MBC. She has helped lead the way towards creative, private and comfortable rooms for students, members of faculty and staff. Lactation rooms are currently in place in the student union and in the Dental School. UMB's President, Dr. Jay Perman, has been a breastfeeding advocate for decades. He was at the awards ceremony and spoke of the importance of breastfeeding for the long lasting health of the child, saying, "You can't argue about something that is good for kids." He should know as he is also a practicing pediatrician. And as President of the University, his goal is to make UMB the best place to work! Dr. Perman developed a campus-wide policy, "Lactation Support for Nursing Mothers" shortly after beginning his tenure as President. With this policy UMB has set a high standard for academic institutions.

Lisa Goodwin was a new mother looking for a job, which would provide her with breastfeeding support. During her interview at UMB, she was delighted to learn about UMB's lactation rooms and other programs. Her decision to accept the position as a Financial Aid Counselor at UMB was due in large part to this support. She proudly shared a photo of 9-month old Moriah at the Award ceremony. She was one of many nursing or formerly nursing mothers who attended the event at the Wellness Hub in the Campus Center. Assistant VP for Academic and Student Affairs and Director of the Hub Flavius Lilly, was instrumental in finding and furnishing space for the lactation room. Lilly has children of his own whom have been breast fed so he understands the importance of this feature in a workplace. For its efforts, UMB received a Gold Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Award. Recognized here ( and here (

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