Baltimore City Health Department - Baltimore, MD

Employer's Perspective:
As the leader in public health, implementation of a workplace lactation program demonstrates the Baltimore City Health Department's commitment to support and promote breastfeeding to both the community and our employees by providing them the space, time and educational resources to provide their infants the very best.
The Baltimore City Health Department recognizes the importance of work/life balance for employees who are caregivers and is continually working towards providing more choices for staff to better manage their responsibilities.

Employee's Reaction:
It is really important to me to have use of a lactation room at the office. Breastfeeding while working is quite a commitment, particularly when your job takes you out of the office on a regular basis.
The fact that there is a quiet, private place to pump with a separate refrigerator makes it that much easier. Access to a lactation room has allowed me to commit to breastfeeding my child longer than I anticipated I would be able to.

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