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Employer's Perspective:
Because we know that breastfeeding provides benefits not only to a baby, but also to a mother and family, GBMC supports employees' breastfeeding efforts after returning to the workplace. We want our employees to take joy in the work they do for GBMC and believe that this can be accomplished if working mothers are supported to also provide the best for their babies at home through breastfeeding.

Employee's Reaction:
I just wanted to share my wonderful experience of continuing to breastfeed while returning to work. Breastfeeding my daughter was very important to me. Having the option to continue while returning to work was priority for me. The accommodations at my workplace, Greater Baltimore Medical Center were comforting and allowed me to continue my goal of providing the best possible food source for my daughter. With such comforting conditions I was able to continue breastfeeding exclusively through 13 months of age, by pumping at work. That is tremendous and I can not thank GBMC enough for helping me to accomplish this goal! GBMC provides breast pumps and pumping rooms to promote breastfeeding wellness.
Monica Johnson, RN

As an employee of GBMC, working 12 hour shifts, and needing to pump every couple of hours I found my workplace very supportive of my breastfeeding. Not only did I get a pump (for free!) to use at home, but there was also a pump room always available to me while at work. I don't think I would have breastfed for a year if my workplace wouldn't have been so supportive and helpful. This really meant so much because breastfeeding my baby was always my goal and was very important to me.
The lactation consultants were also very caring and always checking on me, making sure I had time to pump and encouraging me when I was feeling like my milk supply was decreasing. Also when I had a clogged duct, Marla Newmark told me exactly what to do. I was in so much pain and everything she told me worked right away! And it wasn't just at work when they were helpful. When I was still on maternity leave I called the warmline when I had questions or concerns. I left a message a few times and within a half an hour they called me back.
Having all this available to me truly made it possible for me to breastfeed successfully! I have friends and family who have not made it very long because when they went back to work there was no time or place to pump. Also, to have to lug their pump to and from work became a struggle for them or they simply forgot it. This was never the case for me! I was blessed...and in turn so was my baby!
Kristin Davis, BSN, RN

It was a stressor to think about how I could come back to work after 10 weeks and continue to provide milk for my daughter. She is now 10 months old and I'm still pumping because Greater Baltimore Medical Center has removed that stress by providing accommodations for me to pump during the work day. The lactation department has a room dedicated to nursing mothers. It is a private room with a hospital grade pump, comfortable chair with foot rest, a clock, sink with mirror, and shelving to wash and store my pump pieces when done. The room is key accessed so I know only other nursing mothers will be using it. The lactation staff, headed by Marla Newmark, RN, IBCLC have been immensely helpful. They have a "warm line" specifically for breast-feeding calls. I have called on many occasions with prompt, caring responses. GBMC also gives nursing mothers, who are employees, a hospital grade pump for home use--and it's free! I feel extremely fortunate that GBMC understands the needs of nursing mothers and they have far exceeded my expectations! Thanks to GBMC and the lactation department I will be able to reach the goal of nursing my daughter for a full year.
Taylor Nasby RN, BSN

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