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Employer's Perspective:
CCI is an organization that supports breastfeeding. As a provider of medical services to the low income community, we understand the health and emotional benefits of breastfeeding. We are aware of the minimal amount of time that is necessary so that a staff member can be dedicated to her breastfeeding goals. In return, we see the greater productivity of the staff as well as the greater sense of accomplishment that she has because she is aware of the achievement of being able to support her baby in a natural and healthy way.
We see the improvement in morale with staff and greater responsibility and dedication to the organization because of the gratitude that the staff has to the organization for providing this benefit.
CCI houses the Montgomery County WIC Program. Employees spend the majority of their time educating and encouraging mothers to breastfeed. By offering employees adequate breastfeeding support, the employees are able to better understand the needs of participants, especially those who are returning to work, as they experience similar situations. In addition, it represents the consistency of the organization that we practice the skills that we present to the community.

Employee's Reaction:
The lactation accommodations that CCI has given me over the past 11 months have been great. I have been able to pump in a quiet and comfortable office. Staff were mindful and helpful. I have been able to keep up with my infant.s milk supply and will now be able to reach the goal of breastfeeding him exclusively for one year. I really thank CCI and hope they keep this wonderful benefit for future employee moms.
Edita Tituana,
It (receiving lactation accommodations from my employer) means being able to feed my baby the best food for him even while being away from him. Having flexibility and consideration from my fellow coworkers assists me in pursuing a personal goal I have set for myself. Lactation accommodations means meeting halfway with my employer to do what I preach and the company teaches, to breastfeed for at least one year.
Shannon Monroy

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