Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States - Rockville, MD

Employer's Perspective:
"At Kaiser Permanente, we recognize that returning to work can be an obstacle for women who want to continue breastfeeding and we are committed to providing employees with the resources to make their transition as seamless as possible," says EW Emanuel, MD, Associate Medical Director and Ob/Gyn for the Mid-Atlantic Permanente Medical Group. "Kaiser Permanente's workplace breastfeeding program highlights the integral role that preventive care plays throughout the organization. With the proper resources and support, breastfeeding can continue at work, leading to healthier babies, children, and adults."

Employee's Reaction:
As I came back to work from maternity leave, one of my concerns was that I would not have access to a private room where I would be able to pump. Thankfully, a colleague of mine told me to talk to Melissa Phommaseng from MAS NFS about pumping. Melissa showed me where the lactation rooms on the 3rd floor were located and gave me a key to one of them. It was all that I needed: a small room, with a table, a chair and a power outlet. As another mother started to use the room she brought magazines and cleaning products that completed the room and made it even more perfect. I feel lucky to have been working for a company that had the infrastructure to support breast-feeding mothers.
Catherine FitzGerald
Operations Consultant

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