Northwest Hospital - Randallstown, MD

Employer's Perspective:
At Northwest Hospital, we are built around our values of caring, respect and teamwork. We want to provide an environment where nursing mothers can pump in a private, safe and comfortable space. When our moms-to-be make the decision to breastfeed, they can rest assure that we will provide them the time and space to pump. Being a new mom can be difficult. We hope, by providing a lactation room, it will give new moms one last thing to worry about.

Employee's Reaction:
Just wanted to say how happy I am about the new room for mother's who can use this private room. We have come a long way. I use to be the person who employees would come to for use of the pump. I would actually let them use my office on 4a because that is where the pump was stored. Me and the HOC's (back then called the ANC's) shared office space. I would leave out of the office and let them pump their milk in my office and I would return like 15 - 20 minutes later. At that time, I would just go to one of my manager's office to do some filing to kill time. Then we graduated to having the pump stored in Occupational Health. I use to ask all of the directors and other management could we please get a lactation room but it was never in the budget or we didn't have the space for it. So I am so happy to hear that we now have a room for this. Many benefits to baby and mom having this. YEAHHHHHHH!!!

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