Central Special School - Edgewater, MD

Employer's Perspective:
It is important for us to support our lactating employees because:
  • I realize the importance of a healthy start for a new baby when it comes to nutrition and immunizations.
  • I believe that no woman should have to choose between breastfeeding and working.
My 1st experience breastfeeding in the workplace, was to pump in a library storage closet. That was the only option provided to me. I will provide better for my staff than were given to me.
Happy Employees = Happy Mommies = Happy Babies
-Natalie Marston, Principal, Mother of Two

Employee's Reaction:
It was very important to me to have a clean, private space to nurse my child. At Central Special, that is exactly the kind of room I have been given to use, for my pumping needs.
- Amber O., Teaching Assistant and Mother of Two

Going back to work was very difficult for me. Leaving my young baby was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to pump multiple times a day in a private room located only seconds away from my classroom. I was given complete privacy, as well as a safe place to store my pump and milk. Very few nursing mothers can say they have these accommodations. I realize how fortunate I am and feel that since I was able to pump throughout the day I was able to produce enough to keep my child satisfied, as well as giving her a healthy start in life. Although being away from my child was very difficult, knowing that I was providing for her was a special feeling.
-Eileen F. Special Ed Teacher, Mother of Two

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