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Employer's Perspective:
MWHC supports breastfeeding mother's who return to work by providing The Nursing Nest, a relaxing private space for moms to express breast milk. We recognize that babies who receive their mother's milk are healthier, making their moms happier, which stabilizes our workforce. The Nursing Nest is an employee benefit that yields an immeasurable return on investment. MWHC is honored to support our breastfeeding moms, and proud to have earned the D.C. Breastfeeding Coalition's Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Silver Award.

Employee's Reaction:
I am extremely grateful to have the opportunity to pump at work. My second baby was found to be allergic to both soy and dairy. Thankfully, I was able to pump at work and continue breastfeeding until she was 13 months old.Currently, I'm pumping for baby number 3. He is 9 months old and has not had formula yet.It means I can work and still give my baby the benefit of breast milk. I helps me not feel guilty about my decision to be a working mom. It has also helped to make my transition back to work easier. I love that I can still nurse him when I am home.
- Lee H.

Using the Nursing Nest means a great deal to me. Breastfeeding is a very important for mom and baby. Using this room to pump helps us to keep our milk supply. If I don't pump my breast fill with milk, this is uncomfortable and a distraction to my work. The Nursing Nest helps tremendously!
-India R.

Use of the lactation room means I have been able to provide the best nutrition for my baby while I am at work. We were able to get through this first year with minimal sickness and no ear infections

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