Sodexo - Gaithersburg, MD

Employer's Perspective:
It is important for Sodexo to support our lactating employees because pediatricians recommend that new mothers breast-feed for a full year. Flexibility with breaks and schedules allows new mothers to supply their babies with the benefits of breast feeding while at work. A dedicated, private space with appropriate supplies and comfort for lactating mothers benefits companies also. Employee retention rate increases and there is a reduction in sick time as the parents don't have to take time off of work as their infants are sick less... In addition, this benefit for working mothers is aligned with our Flexibility Initiative. Sodexo believes that creating a flexible culture helps build employee engagement and capacity for business problem solving.

Employee's Reaction:
Hearing from other nursing moms about their lactation slowing down or having to stop nursing once they came back to work was very discouraging to me, adding to the stress of coming back to work here at Sodexo. Having the lactation room with all the essentials (hospital grade pumps, private refrigerator, locked drawers for personal belongings, magazines, sink, radio, headphones and CDs) made my return so much better. The heartfelt joy and bonding that my daughter and I have during feeding time is an awesome experience, so being able to use the lactation room to keep the flow going is such a stress reducer - a real Godsend!
- Rachel S.

As a nursing mother with low milk supply, I am truly grateful to be able to continue to nurse and connect with my son after I returned to work when he was only six weeks old. He is now five months old and we are still nursing. Sodexo provides not only a lactation room but hospital grade breast pumps which have helped make it possible. Truly above and beyond! I'm thankful to Sodexo for providing a peaceful, quiet place equipped with all of the essentials for their nursing moms.
-Adrienne B.

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