Space Telescope Science Institute - Baltimore, MD

Employer's Perspective:
STScI strives to support work life balance for our employees. We do this in many ways, through our benefits' programs, our flexible working schedules, and our policies and practices. For (women employees) who are at the stage where they are having children, we felt that we should support an environment where they were not forced to choose between motherhood and career success. Our facility, although not luxurious, is clean, inviting and private. Working mothers can reserve the room on their own schedule. A number of prospective female employees see this resource as particularly valuable. This can give us a slight advantage over other employers as we compete for the best female scientific and technical talent.

Employee's Reaction:
It was never a question that I would need to pump upon return to work, and I never felt that STScI expected me to do otherwise. We have a private room we can use for this purpose, which is essential. But the best accommodation is our new expanded ability to telework combined with our flexible schedules. It has meant a much smoother transition back to work after maternity leave. Were it not for this flexibility, I would have needed to look for another job. I am always appalled when I hear of mothers who are not able to continue work or continue breastfeeding because of lack of accommodations. It has never been an issue for me, and that is just the way it should be.
- Anne G.

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