Walter Reed National Military Medical Center - Bethesda, MD

Employer's Perspective:
The Federal Government has begun to recognize that supporting lactating mothers is an important part of retaining workers (both civilian and military) and is a public health issue. Providing lactation support and spaces for our employees means that they have less time away from work... We repeatedly hear from our employees how grateful they are for the available rooms, equipment and support that we are able to provide to make it easier for them to provide breast milk to their children. We still have many areas to improve (more spaces and more equipment availability, along with more lactation support) but we are thrilled to be heading in the right direction.

Employee's Reaction:
Returning to work after having our baby daughter was one of the hardest things I've ever done. Every day as I pull out of the driveway, it's tough not to feel like I'm neglecting her. The lactation accommodations at work were more than I expected and have been very appreciated. It's something that I can do for my baby even when I'm not able to be at home with her, and I think that's helped me bond even closer to my daughter.
- Michelle C

I have two children; one that I am currently breastfeeding. I work here in the hospital and it has been such a comfort to me knowing that I can call one of the lactation consultants if I need anything. I have forgotten my pump before as well as the pump bottles and I was able to borrow both very easily. That was such a help to me. I have also used the conveniently-located breastfeeding rooms, both in the peds clinic and in the main hospital. They are a nice, comfortable place to share time with my baby or to pump if I need to. Thanks again for all your help.
- Jean K

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