U.S. Department of Agriculture

Since being recognized with a 2012 Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace Award in 2012, the USDA has continued to add new nursing mom.s rooms in other buildings and continued to provide supports to its employees across the country.

Employer's Perspective:
USDA encourages all managers and supervisors at all levels throughout the Department, to support our own nursing mothers in the USDA workplace. The Nursing Mothers Program is an integral component of USDA.s Work/Life and Wellness portfolio and these efforts solidify our commitment to providing a flexible and supportive workplace to all employees throughout the lifecycle of their careers. We recognize that providing a work environment where employees are better able to balance the demands of their lives and responsibilities to their families and communities outside of the workplace, help USDA meet its goal of achieving Cultural Transformation and to foster a diverse and inclusive work environment where employees can reach their full potential.

Employee's Reaction:
I was able to Nurse my son for seven months, and successfully pump at work. I do work in a field office where we are not provided some of the amenities that larger offices are able to offer. However, the staff in my office was very supportive and accommodating, making my experience very pleasant. Thank you for this program.

-Jessica, Chestertown, MD

I have successfully expressed milk at work after 4 pregnancies. I have a field job, so this was sometimes a challenge, but well worth it. Thank you for your support of babies' nutritional needs and the moms that meet those needs.

-Jody, Meadville, PA

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