Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

Employer's Perspective:
This project resulted from collaboration among Cindy Walters DNP, RN Senior Director of Nursing for Maternal Child Health/ED, Evelyn Oberender, Director of Employee Relations and Cheryl Koch Vice President of Support Services. This project supports breastfeeding as the sole source of nutrition for infants and aligns evidence based practice documented by UNICEF, DHmH and American Academy of Pediatrics. It adds an additional lactation space to the postpartum unit. Although the hospital is short on space for non-clinical use, it is wonderful that a thoughtful approach resulted in this space that can support our working mothers. Although leaving a clinical area may be inconvenient, its best for staff to be able to use an area that provides for handwashing, privacy, and a calm environment to pump. Many staff bring their lunch with them and pump during that time. We are very supportive of our mothers who breastfeed their infants. Any breastfeeding staff member may call our postpartum lactation consultant if they need support or assistance.
Cynthia Walters, Director of Maternal Health

Employee's Reaction:
This is so fantastic, to have a quiet, clean space to pump and not have to use a bathroom!

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