U.S. Food and Drug Administration

Employer's Perspective:
It's great to be able to say our work at the FDA makes a difference not only for the general public but for our own employees. To provide a service that positively impacts the employee and their family. It's a systematic approach that we understand the way an employee performs their job is related to their work environment, and support not only for the job done but for their well-being as well. We are glad the business case for breastfeeding is available and all employers have the opportunity to provide these services to their employees.

Employee's Reaction:
Thanks to the culture created here at FDA encouraging and supporting mothers who breast feed and the amazing pumps provided in the lactation rooms (only 15 minutes to empty while my Medela in-style took me 30 minutes!) I was able to give my baby my milk until he was over 13 months old. I never expected to make it that long. He was a healthy infant and, knock-on-wood, continues to be a very healthy toddler even though I work Full-Time and he is in daycare. Thanks to God and my breast milk we have had to use very little medication (Maybe 3 doses of Tylenol) in all his 19 months. I continue to be so grateful to the Nursing Mother's program.
Bridget Wildt - CDRH - White Oak

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