Choptank Transport

  • Located in Preston, MD
  • Medium Size Business
  • Gold Level Workplace Award

    Employer's Perspective:
    Choptank Transport recognizes that our ability to achieve our goals successfully are based strictly on the wellbeing of our employees. At Choptank we strive to provide a workplace that values and enhances the wellbeing of all employees, including supporting our breastfeeding mothers. We understand the importance of breastfeeding and support our working mothers by giving them a private, dedicated space in which mothers can use while they're at work. Choptank is proud to have a breastfeeding room and to be a part of the Breastfeeding Friendly Workplaces.

    Employee's Reaction:
    I am grateful that Choptank Transport supports working breastfeeding mothers. It is nice to have a dedicated room designed just for nursing mom's that has the comfort and privacy as being at home. - Crystal S.
    It's so nice to be able to have a space that is quiet and away from everything so I can relax and focus on my son while I pump. I love that there are privacy partitions that make me feel even more private, luxurious chairs and foot stools to help me relax, and a separate refrigerator and sink that provides a space for me to clean my pumping tools and store my milk without male coworkers around! I am very happy with how Choptank has provided a space for me to be able to feed my son and feel completely comfortable doing so! - Tina P

  • P.O. Box 29214, Washington, DC 20017 • Tel 202-470-2732 • email

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