• Located:Bethesda, MD
  • Medium Size Employer
  • Gold Level Workplace award

    Employee's Reaction:
  • Having a job as a Mom of two is eventful to say the least but one detail that makes my daily life a little less stressed is knowing I will be able to pump in a clean, comfortable, calm, and safe environment. My boss also makes this process easy by giving me the flexibility with my schedule to take the time I need. It's nice to even have a support group with my peers I sit with to help remind me to stop worrying about work for a brief moment and to take care of my motherly duties. I couldn't ask for a better situation as a nursing mom! Thanks PANDORA.
  • I am a huge advocate of Breastfeeding, and the support of mothers in the workplace, especially right after maternity leave. After having my second child, I was so happy to see a dedicated room with a comfortable chair, personal storage space, and a refrigerator. My manager was more than accommodating for me to set my own pumping schedule, without question. I was able to adjust back to working so easily and stress-free. I'm so proud to know that PANDORA is supportive of new moms in such a meaningful way!
  • Knowing that PANDORA offered a Lactation Room made my transition back to work a little less stressful once my maternity leave expired. It was extremely important for me to be able to breastfeed my baby well past my return to work date and PANDORA was ultimately a huge part of that. This company undeniably cares about the wellbeing of their employees and this is just one other benefit that sets them apart from the rest.

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