Queen Anne's County Department of Health

  • Located:Centreville, MD
  • Large Size Employer
  • Gold Level Workplace Award

    Employer's Perspective:
    The Queen Anne's County Department of Health (QACDOH) strongly supports breastfeeding and working mothers. We here at the QACDOH aim to provide a supportive environment to enable not only our breastfeeding employees, but also the breastfeeding public, to express their milk while in our department. To help our employees achieve their breastfeeding goals we provide; milk expression breaks, a place to express milk, breastfeeding equipment, education, and staff support. Public health begins with breastfeeding!

    Employee's Reaction:
    As an expectant mother of my second child, I am looking forward to using the breastfeeding and pumping station that my workplace provides. Knowing that this clean and comfortable space is available, having the support of my co-workers, and access to an IBCLC on site will make an easy and successful transition back to work. My breastfeeding goals are to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months, and continue breastfeeding beyond a year. Planning and being able to express milk at work will help me reach this attainable goal!

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