iHire, LLC

  • Located:Frederick, MD
  • Small Size Business
  • Gold Level Workplace Award

    Employer's Perspective:
    iHire strongly supports our employees in achieving work-life balance. Their families are just as important to us as our team membersthemselves. We provide 12 weeks of paid maternity leave along with schedule flexibility to make the return to work less stressful. iHire has a private space available for nursing mothers to pump that is spacious and comfortable as well as refrigerators for milk storage. We understand the many benefits of breastfeeding and want to ensure our new moms have what they need to continue providing breastmilk for their babies should they choose to do so.

    Employee's Reaction:
    I have my fair share of worries as a new mom, but being able to pump privately and comfortably at iHire is not one of them. After returning to work, the decision to continue providing breastmilk for my baby was an easy one to make. I have access to a conference room equipped with plenty of seating, a table, outlets, and a door with a lock plus plenty of refrigerator space for milk storage. iHire also provides laptops for their employees, so I am able to continue working during my pump breaks and not stress out about falling behind. My coworkers are supportive, flexible, and understanding of my needs and we schedule our meetings accordingly. Furthermore, the health insurance plan offered through iHire enabled me to get my pump at no cost - those savings plus what I save by feeding my child breastmilk is enormous

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