Bryn Mawr School

  • Located in Baltimore, MD
  • Medium Employer
  • Silver Level Workplace Award

    Employer's Perspective:
    As an institution for girls, it seems only appropriate that Bryn Mawr would foster an environment that shows its support for working mothers. The various designated spaces on campus that have been designed to provide quiet and private places for our faculty and staff to pump or breastfeed during their work day. Our School Nurse provides guidance to those with questions and a location to safely store pumping equipment. And, what a joy it is to have the Little School on campus! The faculty, staff and our families from the wider community alike are welcome to nurse their little ones enrolled in our infant rooms during the school day. - E.S., Associate Head of School

    Employee's Perspective:
    I have been a Bryn Mawr teacher through two pregnancies and for a current total of 23 months nursing. I breastfed my older daughter, now almost 3, for 13 months, and I am currently nursing my second daughter, 10 months. I am so grateful to have had the support of this loving community through both my pre and post-natal experiences. Not only has it been easy to find a private, clean space to pump as needed, I've also enjoyed the luxury of time. School administrators have always supported my need to pump every few hours, and my schedule reflects their understanding of this. Both of my children also attend the Bryn Mawr Little School, and I have been fortunate to be able to visit them, especially as babies, on occasion during my school day. - Middle School Teacher

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