Baby and Me

  • Located in Columbia, MD
  • Small Employer
  • Gold Level Workplace Award

    Employer's Perspective:
    At Baby and Me Lactation Services we are dedicated to provide our employees and interns the same comprehensive and inclusive care we are offering to the families we work with. We understand the importance of breastfeeding support for our families as an investment in our company's future and health of our workforce. Our company is built and mostly run by breastfeeding mothers; we would like to lead by example. Therefore, it is very important for us to amalgamate our worker's family lives, breastfeeding journey and work environment.

    Employee's Perspective:
    I worked with Dr. Ann Faust and Baby And Me Lactation Services for over a year. When I started I had a 9 month old baby and Dr Faust allowed me to bring him with me in a sling. When he needed to nap, we would put up a playpen and he would sleep. I was even allowed to bring the baby monitor to our consultation room so I could get back to him when he needed me. If Forest wasn't with me, I was free to pump whenever I needed to. If the clinic was empty, I could pump there or next door in very comfortable surroundings. When I became a mom for the second time, I was still working with Dr Faust. She even did a home visit so we would have the best possible outcome without new baby. She educated my husband about tandem nursing. I attended her weekly mother-baby meetings online (this was during the Pandemic) as her intern and as a new mom. My other colleague, Whitney Dula, also had a similar experience. When she joined us, she had a few months old baby and needed to pump regularly. She also received the same support and access to flexible time and full lactation support while we worked with her and beyond. I still join the mother baby meetings and FaceBook group for advice and reassurance even as an IBCLC at times.

    Dr Faust is an asset not only to the families she serves but for those who are lucky enough to work with her. This is why I would like to nominate her and her lactation business for this award.

  • P.O. Box 29214, Washington, DC 20017 • Tel 202-470-2732 • email

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