UPO @ Frederick Douglass

  • Located in Washington, DC
  • Center-Based/Head Start Program
  • Gold Level Childcare Provider

    Employer's Perspective:
    During a prenatal visit, a mother expressed the need to breastfeed her twins once they were delivered. The center director shared with execitement, "We have a breastfeeding room, and she can use the room when she is ready."

    UPO @ Frederick Douglass Early Learning Center is the first center to have a breastfeeding room. Because of this, we are motivated to create more room and we are encouraging our UPO pregnant employees to use the room as well.

    Employee's Perspective:
    Supporting breastfeeding mothers at UPO Early Learning centers is very important to us and the families. We want mothers to enjoy their breastfeeding experience and continue their connection with their infants. We look at the breastfeeding experience to reassure the mother that we care about her needs and want the best for her and her infant. We promote the opportunity to breastfeed whether direct feeding, pumping, or expressing in a clean and safe environment. This positive experience allows for center director/family engagement specialist to interact with the mother and provide resources.

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